Students Taking A New Direction (STAND) is a partnership between LUK and Monty Tech to offer additional supports to students who are struggling with finding success at school, home and in the community. In STAND, students will work with a success coach on identifying personal goals they would like to accomplish. While working with the success coach they will have the opportunity to meet individually during the school day, after school and during the summer months. Some common goals are focused on cutting back on substances, time management around school work, identifying healthy relationships, maintaining positive peer connections, life skills, and developing coping strategies to manage anxiety and depression.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in therapeutic groups after school as well as attend a monthly adventure based programs in the community. Success coaches will also be hosting monthly family events and parent information sessions. Success coaches can also assist with establishing both community and in-home family support.


For more information, contact Student Support Services at 978-345-9200 ext. 5244 or call LUK central referral at (978) 345-0685 ext. 2222