Art Contest

LUK Prevention hosted an art contest in May 2020 that invited youth to get creative and share their favorite forms of self-care while we practice safe social distancing. 


Allison, 13 (Winner of the 10-13 age group)

Artist statement: When physical distancing, it can get challenging and stressful, making it hard to stay mentally well. I try and set aside time every day to sit down and de-stress by water coloring pieces of art. Nature, primarily flowers (like this piece), is especially relaxing to paint because it reminds me there is always something beautiful to look for in the world around you.

Megan, 16 (winner of the 14-17 age group)

Artist Statement:As an artist and designer, I use art and the creative process as mental support during physical distancing. Thinking and making something that is beautiful and that makes me happy keeps me positive, busy, and entertained during this stressful time. Beautifying the world around me has always come naturally to me and gives me purpose.


Danielle, 18 (winner of the 18-21 age group)

Artist statement: I have always focused solely on school and putting all my effort towards learning. This caused me to be indoors most of the time and to become introverted. My efforts did good for school, but I've missed out on experiences and haven't paid attention to my mental health. So during this time I've decided to work on that through nature, something we can always turn to even when we can't see one another.